F.V. Muzzle Loaders was Chartered in 1960 when several like minded residents of the Fox Valley came together to form one of Wisconsin's oldest and finest gun clubs dedicated to the sport of muzzle loading firearms. This encompassed not only shooting, but the building of the firearm and its historical significance.

     In the beginning, meetings were held at member's homes, but soon land was leased near Black Creek, WI. A shooting range, and log structure were built. Unfortunately, this only lasted a short time as the land owner did not renew their lease, sending members to search for a new location. As luck would have it, the members found a 40 acre parcel of land for sale, and promptly purchased it. This is our present location, about four miles south of New London, WI. We have a wonderful shooting range (25, 50, & 100 yard bunkers), an enclosed shelter, range shed, tool/wood shed, primitive camping area, modern camping area, and beautiful hard wood and pine forests.

     We have monthly meetings the first Thursday of each month, 6:30 P.M. at the range, from April through October, and at Lucky Dogz Bar in the cold months of November through March. We have monthly shoots from March through October, Summer Picnic, Fall Primitive Rendezvous, and the Sportsman's Rummage Sale in December and March. Our membership usually numbers 40+ to 50+ men and women. Interested parties please check our membership and contact pages for information.