​​Our mission

     Fox Valley Muzzle Loaders has long been committed to protecting the quality of the environment for the public and ourselves. We have volunteered our man-hours of labor and money to enhance our land for wildlife and the benefit of our members. We recognize and embrace our responsibility for, and the benefit of, managing our land, water, and wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations. Our activities reflect the fundamental importance of well-founded environmental stewardship to our sport, our country, and ourselves.

     To this end we pledge our commitment to well-founded environmental stewardship in all aspects of our service to our members, our neighbors, and the community. We promote the development and implementation of environmental stewardship plans that document a commitment to the environmental health of the area by employing:

* Shooting facility design and operational procedures that minimize the potential impact on human health, the environment, and natural resources.

*Management of spent ammunition and target debris to protect groundwater, surface water, and wildlife.

*Practical means of managing sound.

*Community relations programs that educate the general public about our high level of commitment to environmental stewardship.