1.  Any person interested in joining FV Muzzleloaders Inc. is welcome to apply for membership.

2.  New members shall be subject to an initial one-year probationary period.

3.  All applicants must appear in person at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting to apply.

4.  Upon filing an application with the club Secretary, and payment of one year's dues, the applicant shall be classified as "probationary member". Probationary members shall have all rights of a regular member except for voting, hunting, and holding office. After completion of the one-year of probationary membership, a vote shall be taken to decide acceptance or rejection for regular membership.

Our sincere goal is to have all applicants become active participants of the club, taking part in the many social activities, shoots, and workdays that are scheduled through-out the year. Any questions concerning membership may be directed to the club secretary (please refer to club contacts page).